Whipped Cinnamon Latte Body Scrub

Exfoliate dry skin and replenish moisture. Help prevent premature aging and lessen the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite using this amazing scrub! Antioxidants found in coffee detox and provide an anti-inflammatory that helps skin appear firmer and smoother. Indulge yourself with this intoxicating scrub that’s a sumptuous blend of organic and fair-trade coffee beans, organic virgin coconut oil and organic cane sugar. A wake-up call for dull, tired skin with a cup of coffee for your face! Coffee beans make the perfect odor neutralizer! No artificial fragrance added-simply the invigorating scent of freshly ground coffee. Keep this scrub by the kitchen sink and use generously after cooking to remove strong odors from your hands (helllllo garlic and onions!).Honey is wonderful for your skin. Not only does it help with blemishes and acne, but it is also a GREAT oil free moisturizer (who knew!?!).The perfect anytime gift anyone who could use a little extra pampering. This scrub has a rich coffee and cinnamon scent, but the scent does not overpower. Ingredients: Organic Ground Coffee, Organic Raw Sugar,Organic Shea Oil, Organic Coconut oil, Raw Honey (From a local Ohio farm),Cinnamon, Apricot Oil, Vitamin E oil, Coffee Extract *****Please look at ingredient list for allergies.*****

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