Like Butta Hair and Body Bar


This body bar feels just like butter on your skin! Made with an ultra rich blend of argon oil, avocado oil, and vitamin  E oil to make it PERFECT for dry damaged hair, hands, feet, EVERYWHERE! 


How to use as a rich conditioner bar: 


1. After washing with shampoo rub a very very small amount of this butter bar onto your hand. (A little goes a very long way!) 


2. Work into hair ends up to almost to your roots. DONT NOT ADD TO ROOTS. This is a very concentrated rich butter. Your roots already produce oils so you do not want to add this thick oil concetrated bar to your already oil rch roots. 


3. Let soak in while you wash the rest of your body. 5 - 10 min


4. Rinse completely. Its that easy! 


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