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Sweet Oatmeal



Sweet Oatmeal smells like sweet alomond cookies and works wonderfully as a shave bar. Colloidal oatmeal serves to make a rich creamy lather you are sure to LOVE!




Olive Oil: This wonderful oil have been used for centuries for beauty. Olive oil moisturizes skin, improves skin health, helps remove makeup, and has anti-aging properties.


Coconut Oil: Makes the bar very bubbly and is wonderful for your skin, hair, and nails


Raw Omega 3 Milk: Ultra Moisturizing and full of vitamins and minerals to keep your skin looking and feeling young


Sweet Almond Oil: Will soften skin as well as dislodge the dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores and hair follicles.


Avocado Oil: Adds extra-long lasting moisture to your skin. Has extra nutrients to nourish skin. 


Rice Bran Oil: wonderful deep-moisturizing capability


Castor Oil: this oil creates a think lather rich with bubbles


Honey: Naturally antimicrobial and helps to clear acne prone skin

All Fox in Socks ingredients are the highest quality, earth friendly, and ethically sourced. Our raw milk and honey are Ohio proud from fantastic local farms. What is omega 3 Raw Milk and Honey soap? I am so happy you asked! Raw milk and honey soap is AMAZING! Your skin will never feel the same. I got so hooked and so will you! These bars are not only gently cleansing, but also great for your skin. Many of us do not think twice about what we put on our skin, but it is very important. Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Absolutely everything that you use on your skin is absorbed. If you put harmful chemicals or nasty preservatives on your skin you are truly being affected by it. With Fox in Socks creamy omega 3 milk, you will reap the rewards of tons of nutrients and minerals. Every time you use raw milk and honey soap your skin will look and feel younger... but it gets better! This soap is full of raw honey! Well, what is so great about honey? Honey is a natural preservative as well as being antimicrobial. These properties make it perfect for oily acne prone skin.


Our Process:

A lot of love goes into each bar. All of our soaps are made in small batches to ensure premium quality. Each batch is cured for 6-8 weeks. This ensures you get the longest lasting bar possible. Not only does this curing process make a hard long lasting bar, but it also leaves each bar super bubbly. Soap goes through a process called soaponification which means that as it cure the oils in the bar have a chemical reaction with the lye to make soap. So do not worry all the lye is turned into a bubbly bar of soap with none of the harmful lye leftover. 

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