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Today is the day!! It is official, I cut

Meet Katie

The story begins in 2015 when I decided to quit my day job and do something I love. I knew that wanted to do something equally interesting and creative. I also knew that I wanted to do something that would give back to my community, but didn't know what that would be. 

In my "prior life" I had always been interested in science. I had gone to school for biotechnology, worked in a pharmacy, and also worked in a blood bank. I had big dreams of working in medical research.  As my career experiences in medicine and science evolved, I began to realize that this high stress environment was NOT for me. I became increasingly concerned about how many chemicals were present in our skin care products and knew that this was my calling. I was becoming more aware of the adverse effects these chemicals were having on us. I knew that I could use my knowledge to make my own skincare products.

As I began to experiment and develop my own recipes using all natural ingredients I started to think about how to make my soaps even better. This is when I met an amazing local Ohio dairy farmer. Tim with Blairquiest Specialty Meats became my very first local partner. He provides Omega-3 enriched raw milk that I use in all of my artisame and children's soaps. This was the beginning of my mission to support my community "one bar at a time". 

As my passion and business grew I began to make more local partners and started to source even more locally. Now over 30% of everything that goes into my products is sourced locally to help other small businesses achieve their dreams. Right now Fox in Socks Soapery have over 10 local partners! Every bar has a trickle down effect and I am proud to say that I am not just a girl selling soap. I am a girl making a difference. 

After I knew that I had perfected my recipe by adding raw milk and honey in every bar that was it. My soaps became something unique. My passion was now my full time job. I began to tell anyone who would listen about my soaps.

I have opened my shop at 2nd Street Market and look forward to what new growth and opportunities await me.  I am so thankful everyday for this amazing journey I am on and to have the opportunity to share my little labors of love with so many people.

Thank you!

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