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Fox in socks soapery


Established 2016

Fox in Socks Soapery Started as a dream and slowly turned into a passion. My mission is to change and help community one bar at a time. I work to achieve this dream through local partnerships. These partnerships are to source locally produced ingredients, packaging, and even through sponsorships like my small business sponsorship with Dayton Children's Hospital. 

A product is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. All Fox in Socks ingredients are ethically sourced and over 30% (raw milk and honey etc.) are Ohio proud local ingredients.

All of our products are invented and created in Beavercreek, Ohio by this human in her workshop.

Everything is made with love from start to finish.

Every step of the process is watched closely for quality and consistency. I ONLY make what I lovingly call "micro" batches to ensure that each and every product comes out perfect.

NOTHING goes out without vigorous batch testing. I PH test every product as well as use every item myself in my daily routine. Its a hard life but someone has to do it. 


Our SKIN, is our largest organ. It works like a giant sponge that covers our entire body. In the same way a sponge may absorb water our skin absorbs 60 percent of what is on it. Every time we put lotions, soaps, or scrubs that contain chemicals on our skin they are absorbed. These toxins can build up in our bodies.

One of my main goals is to take the “guesswork” out of your skin care routine. Here at Fox in Socks Soapery all of the ingredients that we use are free of toxins and chemicals. We use all natural plant derived colorants and fragrances like therapeutic grade vapor distilled essential oils.

Another top priority is where our ingredients come from. Everything we use is researched and made sure to be ethically sourced and slave free. 

Not only is making sure that only the best ingredients are ordered, but it is also extremely important to support local farmers and small businesses. I make this such a high priority because I like to support others in their small business dreams as well as my own. When we help each other, everyone wins.

Amazing Ingredients
Cow and Calf
Raw Milk


All of the milk used in all of my soaps is from a local Ohio farm called Blairquist. They feed all of their cows a vitamin rich grass that also contains Omeg-3 fatty acids. I am sure that you have heard of fish oil and how everyone is always saying how GREAT it is for you. What makes fish and fish oil so beneficial is the Omega-3 fatty acids that they contain. 

Tim at Blairquiest chooses to feed his cows this amazing hay grass blend so you can get more of these amazing fatty acids into your diet through his milk. He also does not pasteurize his milk. By doing this he keeps all of the vitamins, good bacteria, and minerals intact. It is for this is the same reason why I use this specific milk in my soaps. Omega-3 is just wonderful for your skin! 

Your skin is like a sponge and absorbs EVERYTHING that you use on it. This is good in the case of Fox in Socks soaps. All of the vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, honey and other wonderful ingredients go straight into your skin to give you more healthy and youthful skin.


Irvin Honey is my one and only provider of amazing raw honey and beeswax. They are a 2nd Street Market neighbor and dedicated to responsible bee keeping. 

They are family owned and always have a smile on their faces when they are at the market. They hand collect all of their honey and you can tell they are so very passionate about their bees.

Raw honey is so special because the stuff you buy on your supermarket shelf is hardly honey. All or most of the pollen is taken out and sugar is added in its place. This makes a huge diffrence not only with how it works inside your body, but also how its wonderfully healing nature works on your skin. 

Raw honey adds much needed moisture to your skin. It also has antimicrobial factors that have been known to prevent acne and clear skin impurities. It has been known to clear acne and help heal cracked and dry skin. It is an ingredient that can help with many skin issues including eczema.


My favorite part of using raw honey in my bars is that it makes soap super bubbly!

Raw Honey
Centerville 2019.jpg
The Process


A lot of love goes into each bar. All of our soaps are made in small batches to ensure premium quality.

Many people don't know about the soap making process and how long it takes to make a real bar of soap. I say a real bar of soap because many of the bars you buy on the shelf are actually detergents that will strip your skin. using lye is the only true way to make soap.

Soap goes through a process called soaponification which means that as it cures the oils in the bar have a chemical reaction with the lye to make soap. But, you don't need to worry, all the lye is turned into a bubbly bar of soap with none of the harmful lye leftover. 

Each batch is cured for 6-8 weeks. This ensures you get the longest lasting bar possible. Not only does this curing process make a hard long lasting bar, but it also leaves each bar super bubbly.

I use the cold-process method to keep those amazing omega-3 fatty acids and honey crystals intact. By freezing my soap for 48 hours after mixing all the oils and lye it stops the gel phase which would denature all my wonderful nourishing ingredients. By adding this step all of my artisan and children's soaps make a rich whipped cream type lather. 


In June of 2019 a representative from Dayton Children's Hospital came to me to ask if I would like to be their first small business sponsor. Of course I was over the moon at this amazing opportunity to give back to not only the local community, but such an amazing organization. They at first told me all I would have to do is have a change jar at my booth at 2nd Street Market, but I knew I wanted to make a greater impact. 

This was the moment my Storybook collection of children's soaps was born. Each is themed after a popular children's classic and 25 percent of each and every sale will be donated to children and families at the hospital. 

The line was launched on November 1st with a free children's event that will be an annual fundraiser for this wonderful hospital. 

The line will be carried all year round to support the hospital's mission. I am so very proud to be making such a difference with my small business. 

Dayton Children's

local partners

I am happy to boast about 10 local partners where I source many of my ingredients and packaging from. Not only do I get my raw milk and honey from small businesses but I also work with the following small businesses for various other products. 

Local Partners


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