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Envy French Green Clay Mask

Envy French Green Clay Mask


Have beautiful skin that will be the envy of others

This healing green blend of French green clay, spirulina, and matcha powder is a soothing cooling blend. It is the perfect antioxidant and nourishing mask for tired or skin that needs a little pick me up. With natural occurring antioxidants in the matcha and spirulina seaweed powder that is just full of skin nourishing minerals your face will thank you! With the added wonderful effects experiment and aloe to cool your skin and relax your pores your face will look better than ever! 

Each jar contains enough powder to make four to eight face masks. It all depends on how much you love to cake it on. 

How do I get this goodness on me!?!

1. Using a spoon or brush mix about 1-2 teaspoons of clay mixture with water or  liquid of your choice in a small bowl until a wet clay forms. 

2. Apply an even layer to face or roots of your hair (yes, you read that correctly, It can also be a hair mask!) 

3. Let dry for 10-15 min

4. Rinse off with warm water 

5. Enjoy soft nourished glowing skin!

Ingredients: kaolin clay, French green clay, spirulina powder, matcha green tea powder, aloe vera powder, vitamin C powder, and spearmint essential oil
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